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Mythical Black Box Incense Cones

This is our most popular range of incense. Available in 12 gorgeous scents, each pack contains 12 Cones. They're easy to light and each cone should burn for around 15-20 minutes. The resulting aroma will linger in your room for hours. Please make sure you do not leave incense or candles unattended and ensure they are firmly placed in a stable holder.

It's really difficult describing scent, as it can be such a personal thing. You could ask a dozen people what each fragrance smells like and each one would give a different answer, but here's what we think:

Angel's Touch - This is one of our favourites. A heady mix of floral rosey tones.

Demon's Lust - Sensual berry tones with a touch of spice.

Dragon's Fire - A mysterious peppery firey blend.

Fairy's Mist - A calming, cleansing scent.

Goblin's Lair - This cheeky scented incense is a full on cinnamon hit. It's not for the faint hearted!

Mermaid's Love - Crisp clean white rose, a sensual, blissful scent.

Pixie's Dance - This is a good 'everyday' kind of incense. Sweet vanilla but without being too heavy or sickly. A good one for reviving your spirits.

Unicorn's Grace - Tranquil, cleansing aloe vera make this an unusual and enchanting incense.

Werewolf's Bite - Frankincense and myrrh are wonderfully blended to create a powerful, spirutual scent.

Vampire's Kiss - This ever popular scent is hard to pinpoint. Its captivating smell is sweet and spicy and brings an inner feeling of power and control. Definitely the incense to burn when there's a challenge or hard work ahead.

Witches' Curse - Far from being a curse, this purifying scent will banish all negativity and help clear the air. This scent is fresh, clean and one of the best selling out of all of our incense.

Wizard's Spell - This unique scent is a magical blend of patchouli and orange. Another one that's not for the faint hearted. It's strong earthy patchouli tones are lifted with the cleansing scent of orange.

Not sure which ones to choose? Too many to choose from? Why not try a "Mystery Box"? These are available as a pack of 6 random black mystical packs.

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